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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Perhaps you just want a new look for a kitchen that is still functional, but is beginning to look dated. If you feel the layout of your kitchen still works for you, but you are tired of looking at the same old cabinets day after day, then cabinet refacing may be the best alternative for you. Cabinet refacing is a great option when it comes to upgrading and enhancing the appearance of your exisiting kitchen, without going through the disruption and expense of a full-blown kitchen renovation.

While a complete kitchen remodeling job can take weeks, with cabinet refacing your kitchen can be done in as little as a day or two. Cabinet refacing is the alternative which provides the opportunity to create a fresh, new look, without having to deal with the inconvenience of not having a kitchen to utilize during the duration of the remodeling process.  In addition, this is all done at a considerable savings to you !!!

The actual process of refacing is relatively simple. Instead of removing the boxes that make up your existing cabinetry, the doors and drawer fronts are removed and the exterior faces of the boxes are covered with a new surface material. Once this step is complete, the old doors and drawer fronts are replaced with new ones, all of which are available in the latest styles, colors and finishes.  New hardware is used on the doors and the existing hardware on all of the of the drawers can also be replaced. From beginning to end, this process involves less mess, less inconvenience, and less disruption for you and your loved ones.

Researching Your New Cabinet Options

If, after carefully considering all of your options, you have decided that you not only want to change the "look" of your kitchen but the layout as well, then a complete kitchen renovation might well be the only option that will satisfy both these needs.

Once this decision has been made, detailed measurements of the existing kitchen will be taken and after extensive discussion regarding all aspects of the new kitchen are complete, a kitchen layout with be drafted, outlining the location of all the new cabinetry as well as the location of the appliances. 

If you want to have your project done by a particular date, then it is imperative this be discussed well in advance.  There must be enough lead-time to have the cabinets fabricated and any other work necessary by any other trades to be completed in advance of the kitchen delivery and subsequent installation.  

The ordering and delivery times of any new appliances being purchased, for the new kitchen, must also be taken into consideration as these appliances must be on-site for the installation to begin.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing With The Addition of New Cabinets

There is another option which will be able to bridge the gap between a simple cabinet refacing project, where the exisitng layout is not changed or altered and a complete kitchen renovation. 

This alternative allows you to have your existing cabinetry refaced as well as add new cabinets or modify existing ones.  This alternative allows you to not only achieve the look of a new kitchen but to make your existing kitchen more functional !!!


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